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Alberta Pork PED Telephone Town Hall to Address Hot Button Issues

July 30, 2014 While the pace of PED has slowed in recent months, the threat is still very real, and many believe that the danger will increase in the fall. With that in mind, Alberta Pork is hosting a Telephone Town Hall meeting on Thursday, July 31 to upate producers and industry on PED and discuss key issues including porcine plasma and the vaccine currently being used in the United States. In addition to our expert panel that includes Dr. Egan Brockhoff and Dr, Frank Marshall, we're pleased to be joined by DL Hank Harris, President and CEO of HARRISVACCINES, Inc. Draft Agenda: * Update on the current PEDv situation in Canada and the United States. * Discussion with our panelists about PEDv and Biosecurity practices * Use of porcine plasma in starter diets You'll also have a chance to ask questions of our speakers and get answers to your most pressing concerns around PED. To participate, call 1-877-229-8493 on Thursday, July 31 at 10 am and enter Pin # 11233 ...

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First Canadian Case of PED since June 13 Reported in Ontario

July 22, 2014 Since the last reported case of PED in Ontario on June 13, Canada had been free of new cases for over a month. That changed on July 21 as PED was reported on a farrow-to-finish operation in Perth County in Ontario. That brings the total number of cases in Ontario to 63. The disease continues to spread in the United States as well, with 91 new cases last week. There are now 7,719 confirmed cases in the U.S. involving 30 states. These developments underscore the importance of staying vigilant at all times with biosecurity practices. While PED poses no danger to humans or the food supply, it causes up to 100% mortality in nursing pigs. The virus is spread by the fecal-oral route, with the most common sources of infected feces coming onto a farm being pigs, trucks, boots, clothing, or other things that can physically move it. Make sure all incoming animals are healthy. All trucks and trailers MUST be thoroughly washed, dried and disinfected before they go back on-farm, especia ...

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Custom Manure Applicators Take Added Precautions to Avoid Spreading PED

July 15, 2014 (from The manager of Steinbach based Precision Pumping says custom manure applicators are taking added precautions to avoid the risk of spreading PED. As a result of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea pork producers and their service providers have stepped up their focus on biosecurity. Doug Redekop, the president and general manager of Precision Pumping a producer owned custom manure application service, says the cooperative has taken a number of steps to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. "Number one, we’ve had to give a lot more thought to the farms that we’re going to day to day. Our focus has always been on trying to start at the top of a health pyramid,. i.e. either the nucleus or sow barn and then trying to work our way down within the pyramid so that there are at least some assurances that the health statuses are constant within that pyramid so we stay in good communication with our customer and also our nutrient planner so that we’ ...

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Pig Feed in Alberta Tests Positive on PCR for PED Virus

July 7, 2014

A pig starter feed product in Alberta has tested positive for the PED virus. The test only  detects genetic material from the virus, but does not indicate if the feed could cause PED if pigs ate it. The feed was not sold and did not reach a farm. The entire batch of feed will be destroyed. There are no cases of PED  in pigs in Alberta.

Biosecurity is the most important tool for keeping PED virus out of farms. Biosecurity includes movement of pigs, people and trucks, as well as feed ingredients and rations. Producers are encouraged to work with their veterinarian to develop the best biosecurity protocols that consider all of the potential risks for their herds.

PED virus risk is expected to increase again in the fall with the arrival of cooler weather.

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