January 7, 2014

Over the last two days, three new cases of PED have been reported in Quebec:

The EQSP reported Quebec's third PED case occurring in two nurseries.  Oral fluid samples on Dec. 31st and yesterday were positive for PED.  The barns are part of a 7200 pig nursery and an 1800 pig finisher farm on two close sites in St-Denis-sur-Richelieu in Montérégie.  All pigs were sourced from a single farrowing unit in Ontario (reported by the CCVO) that is reported as not showing clinical signs of PED.  The owner is fully cooperative immediately putting the nursery sites under auto-quarantine.

The EQSP then clarified that because the two barns in Quebec case number 3 were at different addresses (2 sites) they are considered case 3 and case 4. 

A fifth case of PED was also reported today in a 1700 head finisher site in the same area.  The case is epidemiologically linked to the previous two cases.

Update on the second Quebec case: The first load of slaughter hogs from this farm were shipped on Dec. 19 and 20.  One of four trailers were positive for PED and appropriate cleaning and disinfection was implemented.

This flurry of new cases underscores the critical importance of maintaining proper biosecurity.This serves as a reminder that producers should treat all high pig-traffic sites and vehicles as potentially contaminated with the PED virus and/or SDCV. Producers must work closely with their livestock hauler to ensure all trucks are cleaned, disinfected and dried every time before entering a farm.

If any truck tries to enter your farm that has not been cleaned, don’t let it in. It poses a serious risk for bringing PED or SDCV onto your farm and into your barn.
Other biosecurity measures, such as cleaning and disinfecting load-out areas and requiring clean boots and clothing for all barn visitors, should also be strictly enforced.

If you have any questions or concerns about biosecurity for your premises, call Javier Bahamon at Alberta Pork (1-877-247-7675), email Javier.bahamon@albertapork.com or contact your herd veterinarian.