December 14, 2015

A new case of PED was found at the end of last week in a finisher barn that was in the process of cleaning out.  The timing of the occurrence implies that it could be transport related.

Last Monday, EQSP reported that a weak positive PED PCR test was found in the area where trucks pass at an assembly yard in Quebec.  Cross contamination with a transporter delivering sows outside of Québec is suspected.  No animal areas tested positive and after washing and disinfecting, all tests during the weekend had negative results.

On Dec. 4th, EQSP announced that there had been a number of environmental positives on processor loading docks and trucks in Québec's lull in the summer.  All cases were traced back as usual.  

This shows that while PED is less prevalent these days, it's still around, so proper biosecurity is critical.

If you have questions or concerns, contact your herd veterinarian or Javier Bahamon at Alberta Pork (; 1-877-247-7675).