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PEDV Toolbox

Plenty of information is available below for Pork Producers, Transporters, Provincial plants and Truck Wash Facilities.

We are all responsible for keeping PEDv out of our province.

Let’s work together…Take Action!

All about PEDv and Biosecurity

 Kansas State University - Nursery Diet Options in Response to PEDv 
 Booklet Pork Check Off
PED warning
University of Minnesota FACT Sheet
Service Vehicle Biosecurity Protocol

 Disinfectant Use for PEDv Compared to TGEv and PRRSv
Video 4. CAZ-RAZ
Video 3. Danish entry

Truck wash protocol

Live Hog Transport Vehicle Wash / Disinfect / Dry Protocols
OSHAB Transport Biosecurity Handbook
OSHAB Pressure Wash Calibration Protocol
OSHAB Transport Biosecurity Truck and Trailer Wash Protocol

Video. 1 – OSHAB
 Guide for Design and Layout of Pig Trailer Wash Stations

Cold Weather Disinfection Protocol

Cold Weather Trailer Disinfection Protocol with Virkon

Cold Weather Trailer Disinfection Protocol Synergize Part 1

 Cold Weather Trailer Disinfection Protocol Synergize Part 2

OSHAB Amount of disinfectant required for Transport Vehicles

University of Minnesota FACT Sheet

Biosecurity Protocols While
Loading and Unloading Pigs

PEDv Bio Procedures Truckers and Provincial Plants
OSHAB Load and unload protocol

Detergents and Disinfectants

It is crucial to use a DETERGENT before Disinfecting your trailer.

 Detergent_Barnstorm_Product Info
Detergent_BioSentry_Product Info
Detergent_BiosolvePlus_Product Info
Detergent_Neutrafoam_Product Info
Disinfectant_Synergize_Product Info
Disinfectant_Virkon_Product Info


Trailer audit and inspection

OSHAB Trailer Inspection Form
OSHAB Truck Wash Audit

Vaccine information

Facts to consider before using the PEDv vaccine